We at Perennial Accents and our respective website, PerennialAccents.com respect the privacy of our users and customers. This privacy policy statement is designed to help you understand what information we gather online and what we may do with that information.

Because our Website will continue to implement new technologies and improve the services and features we provide, this policy is subject to change without prior notice. For that reason, we encourage you to review the privacy policy periodically. By using our website,  PerennialAccents.com, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of your use.

PerennialAccents.com may utilize cookies to remember your login information.  The cookie is set on your hard drive to retain your login information to allow rapid login to our site without re-entering it each time.  The cookie persists for up to 90 days or until the user deletes it, whichever is sooner.

Information We Gather

The type of information we gather online falls into the following general categories:

Aggregate Usage Information

We keep track of the pages visited by each user. Our Web server automatically collects some information about you when you request pages from that server; including your IP address. Your IP address is a number that is used by computers connected to the Internet to identify your computer so that data (such as the Web pages you request) can be sent to you.

We aggregate this data with data on the pages visited by other users to track overall visitor traffic patterns. We use this information to improve our site by making it more responsive to the needs and preferences of our users. This information does not identify you personally.

On occasion we may provide this aggregate information to vendors, investors, potential advertisers, or news agencies to demonstrate the amount of interest in the site and to help us plan for technical infrastructure requirements and improvements.

User Submitted Information

Information submitted by users on our website including email addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information will not be sold or traded to any third party entities. Disclosure of this information will only occur if necessary for maintaining the servers providing these pages, to the providers of our products & services as they require, or when required by law.

User Submitted Information To Third Party Companies

Information submitted by users to third party companies, suppliers or vendors, is done so outside of the direct supervision and control of Perennial Accents.  It is covered explicitly and completely separately from Perennial Accents by the respective companies', suppliers' and/or vendors' respective privacy policies.  All users are encouraged to read and review periodically the policies that these companies maintain to make themselves aware of any inherent risks that may or may not be involved in providing these companies, suppliers and/or vendors with their personal or credit information. Perennial Accents cannot be responsible for information submitted to companies outside our control and beyond the scope herein.

By using this website you acknowledge that you have agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy of Perennial Accents and its website,  PerennialAccents.com,  in effect at the time of your use".

Privacy Policy

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