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Perennial Accents carries unique products for your bath.  We search out high quality items that we know you'll love.  From specialty soaps from France, to beautiful decorative items, pictures or WoodWick candles, to accent the look and smell of your bath.  Stop by and check them out today.
No boring (seen it before) designs here!  Perennial Accents uses high-quality materials and a keen sense of style to create floral pieces which compliment your home and give it that finishing touch.

As times change, so do florals.  We provide the most sought-after permanent floral designs available.  Regardless of your style; Romantic, Contemporary, Traditional or Cottage Chic, we can provide you with that perfect look to finish off any room in the house.

Pamper Your Bath

Special Items For Your Entire Home

For Yard & Garden

We've found a great selection of interesting items for your yard and garden.  Whether you're looking for unique ornaments, bird feeders, decorative items or books on gardening, we have it.

We also stock some really sweet barbeque gear that's sure to bring a smile to any outdoor chef.  From aprons to BBQ tools, come in and check out some really innovative items today.

Custom Floral Designs

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Yes, We Have GurglePots In Stock !
Fine French Soap - Hard Milled - Long Lasting - Great Feel - Incredible Smell
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