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We Can Gift Wrap
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We Grew From Modest Beginnings

In 1995, Perennial Accents (a family-owned business) began a modest business of growing perennial plants & drying the flowers for accent pieces in the home.   In addition, perennial plants were sold for the garden, hence the name, Perennial Accents.  Linda & her two daughters, Vickie & Sheila, own & operate the business together as they work off of each others strengths.

Located in downtown Saint Joseph, MI, Perennial Accents is the destination to shop for a wide variety of choices in:
HomeGardenKitchenGourmet Food & Culinary Classes.   When looking for a gift for yourself or someone special, we are the shopping experience you'll be glad to have had. 
We strive to give each and every customer a pleasant experience in our store.  With careful selection of each of the “thousands” of products we stock and the artistry used in designing wreaths & arrangements, we provide high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Free Gift Wrapping Service

(In summer months, get free roses until gone daily)

Shipping Available

Visa, MasterCard, American Express,

Perennial Accents In Downtown St. Joseph, MI

Your Gift Is
Ready For Giving

Our idea of gift wrapping
Others idea of gift wrapping

What are you waiting for?  Come see all we have to offer!

A Wide Selection Of Michigan Made Products
Our Mission:

Customer satisfaction isn’t just important to us; it’s everything to us!